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One of the biggest biker challenges in Europe

Tour Castilla y León in 24 hours!

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24 hours!

The activity starts on Saturday, November 6 at 11:30h and ends on November 7 at 12:00h.

1,200 KM

Tour of the 9 provinces of Castilla y León

8 stops

To regain strength, 8 stops of at least one hour and stretches of a maximum of 200 km are established.

10 cities

In just one day we will be able to see the most important cities of Castilla y León: its 9 capitals plus Ponferrada.


Registration for driver 150 € and for companion 120 €.

A unique tour to get to know Castilla y León in an exclusive way.

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VALLADOLID has a population of 520,716 inhabitants in a total of 225 municipalities, an area of 8111 km² and a population density of 64.19 inhabitants/km². Its province offers numerous “routing” opportunities between castles and vineyards or on the banks of the Duero river basin, with moors and pine forests that are complemented by a unique and different gastronomy.

Registration opening: 8:30 a.m. (8/10/2021)

All registrants must pass the accreditation control at 9:30 am in the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid.

Departure: scheduled time 10:15 a.m. Address Soria-A11 and N122


SERCOTEL: Double Room for Single Use: 65 € VAT included (accommodation only), Buffet Breakfast: 6 € VAT included, Parking: 6,50 € VAT included sharing parking space (2 motorcycles per space). If you do not share a place 13 € VAT included. Net rates. These rates will be applied to RETOUR participants, reservations at or by phone at 983 45 95 95.

HOTEL EL NOGAL – Reservations by phone 983 34 03 33

Activities: closed biker park for accreditations from an idyllic place in the city.

We will walk through the streets of Valladolid, home of one of the largest motorcycle rallies in Europe.

SORIA has a population of 88,636 inhabitants, more than 500 population centers grouped in 183 municipalities and a population density of 8.60 inhabitants/km²: Soria offers countless motorcycling possibilities due to its peculiar orography and its roads full of idyllic landscapes.

Arrival: expected time 13:00 h.

Soria will be the place chosen for the lunch, in a privileged environment. Menu: pasta. main course, sweet dessert.

Departure: scheduled time: 14:30 h. Address Burgos – N234

Accommodations: reference hotel with discounts.

Activities: stop in the main square with a great tasting of the typical product of Soria: The torrezno.





BURGOS has a population of 355,429 inhabitants, with an area of 14,022 km² and 371municipalities, the largest number of municipalities in Spain. Through Burgos you will be able to describe kilometers and kilometers full of landscapes, mountain ranges, medieval cities, monasteries, plains and reservoirs.

Arrival: estimated time of arrival: 16:15 h.

Burgos awaits the arrival of the caravan to enjoy the 800 years of its Cathedral and tour one of the key cities in the history of Spain.

Departure: scheduled time 17:30 h. Address Palencia – E80 – A62

Accommodations: reference hotel with discounts.

Activities: visit to the surroundings of the cathedral, where we will celebrate the tribute to its 800 years of history.

PALENCIA has a population of 160,980 inhabitants, with an area of 8,029 km² and 191municipalities, the province is crossed by two main rivers, the Pisuerga and the Carrión. Palencia has routes of historical interest, such as the Roman site of La Olmeda, medieval routes, temples and roads full of charm.

Arrival: scheduled time 18:00 h.

Rest stop and motorcycle ride to see the city of Palencia.

Departure: scheduled time 19:00 h. Direction Segovia – E80 – A601 – VA103 – VA104 – VA 101 Peñafiel – Cantalejo – Segovia


Hotel Castilla Vieja in Avenida Casado del Alisal, 26 Palencia – 9797490444
10% discount on lodging / 50% discount on parking.

OK Hotels in Avenida de Burgos, 18. Venta de Baños 34200 Palencia -979771211. Wifi and free closed and guarded parking- Room. Individual 35 €. With breakfast 38 €. Hab. double 47 €. With breakfast 53 €.

Hotel Rey Sancho in Ponce de León Street, 1 -34005 Palencia – 979725300.
Hab. double room with buffet breakfast: 55 €. Hab. single room with buffet breakfast 45 €.

Gas stations:

Cepsa Hidifer- Carrefour-express service station. Avda. de la Comunidad Europea, 36 (Pol. Industrial). 34004 Palencia. Discount 2 cts liter.

El Pastor service station. Avda. Andalucía 180 esq. Ctra. Magaz Palencia- 979721172
Special promotion for accredited bikers for refueling over 5 € gift of free polo shirt while stocks last.

Collaborating establishment:

PERFECTBYKES in Avda. de Andalucía 43 El Vial 34003 Palencia – 979727701 / 608109424. 5% discount on any store purchase and workshop service.

Activities: the tallest Christ in Spain is El Cristo del Otero and it is 90 years old, a good time to ride around its illuminated surroundings and enjoy its impressive dimensions.





SEGOVIA has a population of 153,478 inhabitants, with an area of 6,920.65 km² and 209 municipalities, Segovia is one of the World Heritage Cities. Its province offers mountain routes and incredible landscapes, places with special charm, first class gastronomy and historical sites to remember.

Arrival: scheduled time 21:00 h.

Dining in the historic city of Segovia is an opportunity to enjoy this very special trip.

Departure: scheduled time 22:30 h. Direction Ávila: N110.

Accommodations: reference hotel with discounts.

Activities: we will walk along the aqueduct, the Alcazar and the Cathedral in the illuminated night and we will have dinner in the World Heritage City.

ÁVILA has a population of 158,698 inhabitants and covers an area of 8,051.15 km² and 248 municipalities. Avila and its province present multiple opportunities for our routes, but the Sierra de Gredos is a place not to be missed.

Arrival: scheduled time 23:30 h.

The Wall of Avila will be the best company for the motorcycle caravan and Avila.
will welcome us at night and seeing the city illuminated will be a gift.

Departure: scheduled time 00:00 h. Address Salamanca: N501.

Accommodations: reference hotel with discounts.

Activities: we will roll along the illuminated wall to our scheduled stop at the Four Posts.





SALAMANCA has a population of 331,473 inhabitants and covers an area of 12,349.06 km² and 362 municipalities. In Salamanca we have hundreds of kilometers to enjoy the motorcycle with more than 100 varied and different routes.

Arrival: expected time 01:00 h.

In Salamanca you will find the Automotive Museum, the best place for our night stop in Salamanca.

Departure: scheduled time 07:00 h. Zamora Address: N630.

Accommodations: BIG STOP of 6 hours at the Hotel Doña Brígida to get some sleep (cost included in the registration fee).

Activities: Salamanca is an amazing city, seeing it at dawn will be an unforgettable memory.

ZAMORA has a population of 170,588 inhabitants and covers an area of 10,561 km² and 248 municipalities. Zamora’s proximity to Portugal offers numerous opportunities for combined routes and the Sanabria area is an ideal place for motorcycle riding.

Arrival: estimated time 08:00 h.

Zamora will be a strategic rest stop where breakfast will be served.

A tribute to the victims of traffic accidents will be held here.

Departure: scheduled time 09:00 h. Towards Ponferrada: N630 – N-VI.

Accommodation: Hotel NH Palacio del Duero – 25% discount.

Activities: stop at the cathedral of Zamora.





PONFERRADA. El Bierzo is a region with 38 municipalities with Ponferrada at the head. A territory that presents the best orography to make incredible and unforgettable routes. Mountains, rivers, valleys and landscapes to enjoy its roads full of surprises riding a motorcycle.

Arrival: expected time 11:00 h.

Ponferrada will allow us to regain strength with a refreshing breakfast before facing the last stage.

Departure: scheduled time 12:00 h. Direction León: N-VI – N120.

Lodging: Ponferrada Plaza. Special pricing and discounted options for registrants.

Activities: in the final stretch of the route El Bierzo is the place chosen for our biker breakfast. We will ride through the emblematic places of the Templar city of Ponferrada.

A tribute will be paid to the victims of traffic accidents.

LEÓN has a population of 463,746 inhabitants and covers an area of 15,581 km² and 211 municipalities. León, as one of the largest regions in Europe, offers us biker spaces everywhere in the province. roads, villages and endless routes.

Arrival: scheduled time 13:15 h.

Arrival to the city of Leon where a biker party with music, raffles and the delivery of diplomas to the brave of this challenge awaits us.

Lodging :Hotel Santiago – Arva hotels with special price options for registrants.
Hotel Domun Oncinae with special prices and options for registered participants.

Activities: León is the end point of the route and the place for the biker party with diploma awards and more activities in a magical city.



What does RETOUR registration include?

Welcome Pack
Lunch, dinner and breakfast
Hotel night in Salamanca
24 h. Refueling
Professional photos and videos

Retour is not only a motorcycle route, it is 24 hours full of challenges.

Reference hotels in all cities

To rest whenever you want, with reduced prices for participants.

Provisioning 24h route

Food Truck with permanent catering (unlimited coffee, water and fruit) available to all participants.

Caravan on the road

Ambulances, assistance service with tow truck and Guardia civil traffic.

Safety bubble

Compact closed group front and rear for maximum safety experience.

Scheduled rest areas

Space provided in the middle of the route.


All along the route.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast… You can’t miss this experience!

Find out about our next event!

RETOUR – An extreme and unique adventure

See unique cities
Discover Castilla y León in one day
Participate in a different and attractive event
The event will be broadcasted by CYLTV.

And in case you still need more information, here is our list of biker tips

Route of extreme character being active 24 hours a day
200KM sections max -9 sections
Stops of at least 1 hour
Motorcycles with a minimum of 400 cc and 300 km of autonomy.
Coffee, water, fruit in 24-hour caravan
Weather (possible rain or cold)
Official refueling points
Ambulance in caravan
Reference hotels in each city for drop-offs
Event in open traffic - no overtaking
Maximum respect for traffic regulations and organization
Assistance vehicles


Find out about our next event!



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